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Residential and Commercial Plumbing/Gas Fitting Services

With experience in residential and commercial applications, Straight West Plumbing can proudly handle anything from small projects to bigger ones such as building a new home or commercial shop.

Depending on the customers needs Straight West Plumbing can customize any potable or drainage plumbing system. This can be seen in the form of the home-run water line distribution system in which all fixtures are ran back to manifolds in the mechanical room for easy accessibility or maybe in the form of a brand new ensuite shower with body sprays.

Straight West Plumbing also sizes and installs gas lines used to supply your buildings appliances with a sufficient supply of propane/natural gas.

Water Conditioning and Treatment Systems

Straight West Plumbing offers a wide variety of water softening and filtration systems in which can correct that undrinkable well water or even soften harder city water. It all starts with a complementary water test sample and then the system is designed based on those results. For the ultimate drinking water Reverse Osmosis systems can be installed eliminating the need for bottled water.

Boilers and Hydronic Heating/Snowmelt Systems

Straight West Plumbing specializes in hydronic heating systems that incorporate the use of a high efficient boilers. We also offer alternative solutions that can heat both your residence or commercial building and your domestic hot-water via combi-boiler systems. These combi-boiler systems offer hot water on demand while maintaining your buildings heating requirements. (The picture above is  a Viessman combi-boiler system).

Hydronic heating in homes gives you the ultimate level of comfort, and by applying snowmelt heating in your sidewalks or driveways eliminates the need to shovel in the cold winters.

Boiler Service and Repair

When was the last time you had your boiler serviced? It may be time for a cleaning and tune up. Straight West Plumbing offers boiler servicing and replacement   from mid to high efficient boilers.

By upgrading to a  high efficient boiler you will save in energy costs along with having the peace of mind that your heating system is running the way it should. 

Natural Gas/ Propane Appliance Conversions

If you're in need of converting gas appliances, Straight West Plumbing is more than certified. As a Journeyman licensed gas fitter B we are equipped to handle all appliances up to and including 400 000 BTU input ratings. If you decide your tired of heating your building with propane and want to make the switch to natural gas or viceversa we will be able help you.

Radiant Tube Heaters 

If you're looking for a more affordable option but want to have a similar type of heat as a hydronic heating system then a radiant tube heater may be your be your best bet. Tube heaters are great options for heating a shop or residential garage. Straight West Plumbing will come size the heater accordingly to fit your buildings heating requirements.

Spray parks

Spray parks are very specialized and need to be properly installed to ensure park longevity and meet Alberta Health and Safety guidelines. Straight West Plumbing has been involved in the installation of various spray parks and is quite experienced with the necessary piping applications needed in such projects

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